Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai Ch 6 Eng


I bring good news to you, oh anonymous crowd! Since everyone seems to be desperately looking for it XD Yesterday, the scanlation hs been published. It’s a little bit short, but I have no doubt it will make you happy.

There you go: ch 6 eng



So for those of you, who are checking here for Saezuru ch.6: Today a usable raw has been posted (before there were photos) so if I’m estimating right a scanlation should be available in the next few days, although I don’t know for sure since I’m not in one of the scanlation groups. But this fandom works really fast ^_^

Ahhh I can’t wait! ^^

If you want to keep up to date and read the raw, join the yoneda kou lj. It’s really useful.

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai Chapter 6 raw is out!


You can find some very raw photos and a full summary in the Yoneda Kou lj, but you have to join and wait for confirmation, which could take a while. But it’s worthwhile if you’re an addict like me, since the fandom is really fast. This chapter was released in Hertz today and it’s already online with summary.

As soon as there’s a clean scanlation I’ll link to it. And maybe I’ll post some spoilers XD

Breathe by Laereth


Genre: crossdressing
Characters/Pairings: Subaru/Seishirou
Warnings: …. is there really need to write something here? It’s S/S in its usual fucked up way. Warnings for cute Subaru in a dress?
Words: ca 11.640
Authors Summary:Β It’s difficult to see her face in the mirror nowadays.

or: After one day seeing a special dress in a shop window, Subaru feels compelled to fulfill Hokuto-chans vision of her coming of age celebration.

Status: Oneshot

I got my annual I-love-Subaru-phase, so it’s time for Subaru/Seishirou-recommendations! ^^ I can’t begin to describe how much I love Subaru – he’s just made for suffering ^^ And Laereth is one of the best Subaru/Seishirou writer I know. You may go and read anything she’s written in that fandom (except ‘X Therapy ‘, her attempt at crack didn’t convince me). She wrote quite a lot and in consistent quality.

This fanfic made me fall in love with the idea of Subaru in a dress. It stuck with me and I’m constantly thinking about a different plot twist with him taking Hokutos role, drifting apart and loosing himself in living her life… Ah I want to read that so badly right now! I love how Laereth refers to him as Hokuto. Anyway it’s dark, it’s twisted and absolutely tragic, full of that helpless despair, bitter – in other words almost everything a Subaru-ff should have πŸ™‚

Time for speculations



I finally got my hands on the RAW of chapter 5 of Saezuru ^^ In case you’re still looking. Pupette was kind enough to share the chinese version πŸ™‚

I already read some guesses and spoilers on what’s happening so I’m going to share with you and mix in some personal guesses. I don’t know if they’re worth anything, but I thought maybe you’re interested XD

So we start with Yashiro waking on the couch ^^ and then comes the infamous maybe-kiss-scene I reblogged already. Although it would probably have been a kiss on the cheek (?) since Doumeki’s position is somewhat impractical. Of course Yashiro could have just blown in Doumeki’s ear to wake him up XD We won’t know – since Yoneda Kou is such a genius!

Now this bit I got from mangafox and the lj called ‘I miss you something rotten’. They’re in the bedroom again and Yashiro is wearing this really hot bath robe and he asks Doumeki about former sexual experiences (before he became impotent) and Doumeki’s telling about his first time I think. With the school nurse or a teacher? And I read he’s also mentioning that he likes pretty legs (which would explain why there’s a small close-up of her knee???) Yashiro being his usual self starts masturbating until Doumeki stops, saying he doesn’t remember anything else. Which of course leaves Yashiro unsatisfied and extremely pissed.

By the way I like how Doumeki is looking a little bit younger with the hilarious shirt Yashiro lend him. It makes him look kinda cute and insecure. He’s definitely intimidated by Yashiro laying on his lap being so revealing ^^

That much is pretty clear, I read about it. Now comes the part with Ryuzaki, I haven’t found much about it and what follows is mostly my speculation. Somebody wrote they thought Yashiro is visiting Ryuzaki’s Yakuza group headquarter, but I think it’s the opposite. That’s definitely Yashiro’s office, he’s greeted by his subordinates and Ryuzaki comes in later. I wonder who’s texting him all the time, could be Ryuzaki or Misumi-san? The meeting itself makes sense to me since there was a small fight mentioned in chapter 4 between members of the two Yakuza groups. They probably have to clear the air or something like that.

And Yashiro obviously manages to piss Ryuzaki off. My guess is he’s confronting Ryuzaki about something. At one point he’s holding up a sheet of paper (some evidence?) LOL I love his smug face. So then I they talk in private and Yashiro for whatever reason suggests having sex. I could image he’s suggesting it as kind of blackmail or payment, since Ryuzaki doesn’t look too thrilled and I can’t think of another reason why he should agree to it. XD Maybe Yashiro wants to get back at Ryuzaki for insulting him earlier, maybe he just wants some sex, maybe he knows Misumi-san (alias Daddy) is going to visit and he wants to put Ryuzaki in a tight spot or maaaaaybe there’s something more complex. Man I’m dying to know the back story between those two. They obviously loathe each other and I’m getting the feeling there’s more to it than just simple dislike. Am I the only one?

I love the look on the faces of the people bursting into the room to find them fucking. Nanahara’s eyes are popping out, Doumeki is looking slightly alarmed while Misumi seems not surprised at all XD

Well I won’t know if I’m guessing right until bluespring scans release their scanlation. And probably there weren’t any ingenious new ideas but I felt like writing about it ^^ Feel free to add your thoughts.

Ah and I promise I’ll stop blabbering about Saezuru now. The next post will be about a fanfic rec again πŸ˜‰

Saezuru tori wa habatakanai


Saezuru tori wa habatakanai

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The new chapter is out. And of course I can’t find it anywhere. Apparently you can download the raw from
So I overcame my dislike for lj and asked to join. Now I’ll just have to wait, I guess.

Right… just…. wait…

Oh yes and bluespring scanlations released the translated version of ch 4. It’s also on their lj.